(Bucket Truck)

2007 Ford F-750 Super Duty with Aerial lift of Connecticut 65' working height "mini-foot" rear mount bucket truck  From trimming to removals, we gain the extra working height by working over the rear of the truck enabling us to set up in smaller and tighter areas. This unit is the most compact and maneuverable aerial lift for doing backyard tree work. Amazingly enough, this unit weighs in at just over 18k pounds, half the weight of our competitors, enabling us to access your backyard with minimal if any lawn damage.

(Dump Truck)

2005 GMC 5500 4x4 dump truck. This unit has an 18-20 yard woodchip capacity. Having the best turning radius in its class, again we are able to access those hard to negotiate back yards with ease. Matching a 300 horsepower diesel power plant with all wheel drive capability, this rig was designed to climb mountains fully loaded.

(Log Truck)

2001 Freightliner FL70 Rear Mount Log Truck. Custom built to my exact specs, using the same theory as my rear mount aerial lift, this unit enables us to set up in smaller and tighter areas. By working off the rear of the truck we can pick up logs 22' off the sides or behind the truck. Again built as small and light as possible to access those tight backyards, this unit is the most compact and maneuverable log truck I have seen.

(Pickup Truck)

2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummings Turbo Diesel Pick-Up Truck. This is my everyday estimate vehicle. It also tows my stump grinder and performs snowplowing operations in the winter months.

(Stump Grinder)

2001 Carlton Stump Grinder. This is a radio remote controlled unit capable of grinding any size stump up to 24" below ground level in minutes.


2008 Bandit 1590 Wood Chipper. This unit has a 18" diameter wood chipping capacity. Matched with a 140 horsepower, John Deere diesel power plant, this powerful feed system and winch is actually capable of pulling whole trees to the unit and chipping them automatically with the push of a button.