Q.    Is Top Notch Tree fully insured?
A.    Yes we are. Top Notch Tree carries a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy and a $500,000 workers compensation policy.

Q.    What exactly is full insured in the tree care industry?
A.    To be fully insured in this line of work the company must have a liability insurance policy and a workers compensation insurance policy. Liability insurance protects our customer if damage occurs to their property during the removal process.
Workers compensation insurance protects our employees if they are injured on the job. Workers compensation covers all medical expenses and compensates the employee for lost time from work. BEWARE if you hire a tree service that does not carry these insurances, you the property owner will be held liable for any and all expenses.

Q.    Are you Asian Longhorned Beetle Certified?
A.    Yes!

Q.    I have a tree that I need to have removed but it has power lines running threw it. Do I need to have the power company drop or disconnect my power line?
A.    No problem. In 20 years I have not had to disconnect or have a power line dropped. That is why you called us; we specialize in these situations.

Q.    I have a tree I need removed in my backyard. Will your equipment destroy my lawn and landscaping?
A.    We specialize in backyard removals. All of my equipment was custom built to my specs specifically to access tight backyards and to minimize lawn damage. We do the best we can to minimize tire tracks.

Q.    Another tree service quoted us a cheaper price but we feel more comfortable with you to do the job. Will you match their price?
A.    Sorry, but I give my best price on every job I bid. I feel that it is un-ethical to match or beat a competitor's price. BEWARE of competitors that ask what you have received for prices, or "who else has looked at this job?" If they cannot bid a job they most likely don't know their business. Always remember, "You get what you pay for."

Q.   We would like to hire you to remove our trees. Do you need a deposit?
A.   No. I do not and never have required a deposit or pre-payment. When the job is complete and you are satisfied I will gladly accept payment. BEWARE of competitors asking for deposits or pre-payments. Good luck getting them to complete your job.